Maybe some of you have read Jamie’s facebook, and maybe some of you haven’t well, then read this, and if you didn’t get tears in you eyes…., damnit. watch the video anyway!!

”On September 8th 2013 I met a boy named Mike Jerry at a YouTube meetup in London. He didn’t have anywhere to stay, and I had a train to catch a few hours later. We talked for that time and eventually I got his number. We didn’t stop texting the whole night. He found somewhere to stay and the next morning I booked a bus ticket for him to come to mine, 6 hours away… But I only booked a one way ticket, I never needed to buy the return. It’s been over a year now and we’ve not had a single night apart. We annoy each other sometimes, but it’s only ever little things that make us sound like an old married couple. After a few months of living in my student house, everything started to fall apart, a close friend of mine passed away, I got depressed, we couldn’t afford the rent, fell behind with college. The only thing keeping me sane was Mike, but I didn’t know how long I’d be able to keep him with me, after all he wasn’t technically allowed to live with me, being a student house and all. In the end after falling out with housemates, we moved into my parents’ house, I feel blessed to have parents that would support me like this as I know many people aren’t as lucky. I managed to get my life on track, catch up with college, and improve my health and now it’s never been better. This video marks that change, and honestly, I love watching it. My life has been completely transformed and I kinda owe it to you, I love you Mikey. The video is nearly at 500,000 views, which is absolutely insane, so sharing this post and subscribing if you want more will help us out a lot. Thank you. ” - Jamie Pine

A beautiful love-story